Saturday, April 19, 2008

New blog.

So I've started a new blog.

It's not a music blog. It has posts about music, but that doesn't comprise its subject matter solely.

I'm not sure how successful its going to be, or if it will even be successful at all. It might be a really stupid idea, in all honesty. I'm afraid it borders on being too ambitious, for one.


The idea behind it is kind of complicated, but it's basically a public version of my private explorations of all the wonderful things that have to do with art, society, and culture (music being one of them). It's a direct application of many of the ideas that the musicians featured on THIS blog espouse.

It might be crazy, it might be idiotic. Like I said, it's a bit more personal, and my persona might be rather distasteful to some. It's a version of my private interests made public so that other people might get something out of them as well. I no longer want to just listen, or read about things. I want to actually apply the philosophy to my life, to make THAT kind of music, to make THAT kind of writing, and so forth. I want to live it, and not just admire.

It's still very infantile, and there probably won't be a lot of posts until after mid-May. I have a lot of important dates coming up, and there's a lot of preparation involved in those dates. My time is being drained.

But if you're interested, read the intro post (and the one after that, if it catches your fancy).

I've also uploaded several albums; a few are NWW List gems I claimed to have a long time ago but could never upload. Well, now they're uploaded: the complete (well, almost) discography of Trans Museq, the Tamia LP, and so forth.

It isn't, however, a music-only blog, and I don't think many more upload posts are going to follow those. It's not another Direct-Waves. It does, however, encompass what Direct-Waves was, and what it stood for.

Happy blogging.