Friday, March 2, 2007

Moolah - Woe Ye Demon Possessed, 1974, U.S.A.

This has already been put up in a couple places, namely curved-air, but the links are dead now...I know I've said this about several items already, but this is really one of the best items on the NWW List. Here are a few reviews that should give a glimpse at how amazing this thing really is:

From the back cover:

“by the mystic fire
ye wait . . . . yor hide
glistening with sweat
of strange endeavors
performing dances
to the sun and moon
licking blood drinking tears
sacrificing love on the
altar of tomorrow
eating fruits of stolen vineyards
with withered young mouths
that sing old songs
which were forbid

the whirlwind . . . . . . !”

“look the dark clouds
on the horizon of doom
winds cross trees uproot
plagues of flies invade
the land at hand
o day of judge men
see ye children
of the accursed
what sown be reaped
given ye gods ye chose the beast
and eternity plays the tune
of unnamed horror
for terror is real
and so is hell!”



. said...

EM records in Osaka put out an official CD release of this in 2005, I think. It sold out pretty quick. Then someone did a boot on vinyl last year.

The CD is really clean, but I think the sound quality on the bootleg is superior.

seesselberg said...

We actually have the masters for this - and 30 mins of bonus material - that was gonna come out a few years back , but then some swine bootlegged it and cornered the market ! Oh well..........

Curved Air said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, on first listen it reminds me of the early White Noise albums.

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