Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell - Beyond the Black Crack

Beyond the Black Crack was the concept of Reverend Dwight Frizzell, a musician, film maker, Doctor of Metaphysics and minister in the Universal Church of Life. It remains a little known classic, and one of the most unique listening experiences in modern experimental music. Recorded between 1974 and 1976 in locations as diverse as factories, the pyramid opposite Harry Truman's grave site as well as more 'conventional' concert settings. Beyond the Black Crack is a dark, dizzying and exhilarating journey through free jazz, electronics and environmental sound, all shattered by Frizzell's radical tape editing. This CD re-release adds further material to the original LP: - "The Wandering Madness of Basilea", a suite from 1977 unheard until now, as well as unreleased material from the Black Crack sessions.

Beyond the black crack was originally released in mono in an edition of 200 copies by Cavern Custom in 1976 (cat. no. 6104-12), to commemorate the First Annual End of the World Celebration, November 18 1976.

Rev. Dwight Frizzell - tenor saxophone, clarinet, audio oscillator, chair, trash can, pins, soy beans
Mike Roach - clarinet, vocals with laughs, tenor saxophone, dancing
Kurt Eckhardt - mouth flute, percussion, pins, soy, alteration.
Featuring special guests:
Rev. Tommy Gomersall - tin cans, piano, vocals
Rich - lights and percussion
Rush Rankin - clarinet, imagistic inspiration
Rev. Jim Rogers - kazoo
Gary Jeffers - sousaphone, percussion
Bill Jones - sousaphone
Sylvia Thomas - harmonica
Radio Rich Dalton - guitar
Bill Scanlan - percussion, tape machine; and many others...

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Ellaguru said...

thanx,i discover your blog via mutant sound and 12341424344445...
great work!
thanx for Milan Knizak!

seesselberg said...

Hi Thunderperfectmind - just thought you might like to know that I am co-producer of the CD issue of this lp . we had to reconstruct it from about 20 hours of tape ! I'm also responsible for the promo blurb that you've reproduced here.

thunderperfectmind said...

seesselberg - That's really awesome; I had no idea anyone on here was involved in any NWWL album or reissue...are you connected with the band in any way? And, of course, as always, tell me if you want this album to be taken down.

seesselberg said...

No - keep it here - I'd be a hypocrite to make you remove it , as I've downloaded loads of stuff. Yes , I do know Dwight Frizzell and still have copies of the session tapes. I also assisted with th CD issues of Brast Burn and Karuna Khyal . We've got some imminent releases of interest too - watch this space !!
All the best

Anonymous said...

At this stage of the proceedings I would much prefer it if this title was removed from the page as I have just repressed the CD and nobody is buying it

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PornTube said...

Nice cover! Hmm... I think I can deal with the sound...

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