Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.) + Willliam Bennett - Examples of Cannibalism CS, 1982

tape 1982 Come Organization wdc883014 UK
Notes: The cassette sounds like a MB piece, over which William Bennett (Whitehouse) tells a story of a cannibalistic cult in Britain. The CDR was supposed to come out in an edition of 100 in RE's spoken word series, but Bennett threatened them with legal action if they proceeded. A few copies were shipped to people who had pre-ordered, though.

Any help with the cover or other info?


More M.B./Sacher-Pelz tapes to come!


seesselberg said...

Hi there
The cassette cover is just a generic Come Org Peter Kurten / typewritten affair ( wdc 883014 ) but it did come with a pamphlet containing photocopied extracts from the same book that the spoken text comes from - I would send a scan but my scanners broken . Hope this info is useful ! Keep on Direct Waving !!

Mister B. said...

I just found your interesting blog.I've just dowloaded the Anonym LP by Tolerance but the file has only two tracks, one with 20 minutes and another with 7 minutes ... as the tracklisting of the album is like this :

A1 Two owls
A2 I wanna be a homicide
A3 Osteo-tomy
A4 JUIN-Irénée
A5 Anonym
B1 Laughin in the shadows
B2 Through the glass
B3 Tecno-room
B4 Voyage au bout de la nuit

The file has the complete LP ? Or what happened ? The second shorter file ends abruptly ...I don't mean to be pushy ... but , as you may well understand, I would like to know what I've downloaded ...Anyway, thanks a lot : the records you have on your blog are very good ...

Over The Moon said...

Yeah, track 2 seems cut off at the end. It shouldn't only be 8 minutes long, you wouldn't think. That's an awfully short album side!

thunderperfectmind said...

In regards to the Tolerance album - I did think the album was a bit short/abrupt the first time I heard it as well...I seem to remember reading something about the album being on the short side, so I didn't think anything of it at first, but on the other hand, I did not rip it myself so it could have very well been ripped without a track or two at the end (like the Normal Brain album). I probably should have made a note of it in my original post but I didn't really think to. Since it's so rare, though, I'm glad to have found at least the first 30 minutes of it :) however, it would be nice to hear the rest (if there is more to it), right? Anyone have this LP or could provide more info (or even tracks)? Sorry for the confusion, at least.

Seesselberg - The info is much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

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