Sunday, February 11, 2007

Roth Ruhm & Weiner - 3. Berliner Dichter Workshop, 1973 (NWW List)

One of the rarer NWW list items. Unique sound poetry mixed with manipulated voice experiments, improv piano and a few other odd bits. Part of Viennese Actionism, and possibly Fluxus related. It's not one of the best list items, but definitely one of the most interesting and it deserves to be heard nonetheless. My only complaint is that whoever ripped it did so rather sloppily, as windows error noises pop up in places, like on the Iskra album, but that doesn't happen for more than a track or two.


No tracklisting. Any help?

Solo posts by Roth & Ruhm to come soon!


Anonymous said...

I have the LP, and as soon as I get my turntable and computer set up, I'll rip it in better quality and probably post it on the WFMU blog. It might take a few more weeks though.

Thanks for this awesome blog,

thunderperfectmind said...

That would be great, Lukas. Let us know when you do!

mutantsounds said...

at last found your blog!great work.......a "brother blog" with mine:).....the only problem is the megaupload server:(

thunderperfectmind said...

Thanks mutantsounds...sorry about megaupload, I know that some people have problems with it so I originally was going to go with rapidshare, but it gave me errors whenever I tried to upload anything...I just tried again and it seems to be working now though and I'll put all my future posts on rapidshare if I can.

Anonymous said...


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