Monday, February 19, 2007

V/A - Electro-Acoustic Music From Sweden, 2-CD (EMS)

An amazing compilation of text-sound and musique concret composers that usually aren't as well-known as they should be. There's some great stuff on here, pieces that rival even electro-acoustic works by Xenakis and others! Tracklisting/artists:

1.1 Bengt Hambraeus Doppelrohr II (3:53)
1.2 Jan W. Morthenson Neutron Star (7:21)
1.3 Sten Hanson Che (1:19)
1.4 Sten Hanson How Are You (2:21)
1.5 Åke Hodell Mr. Smith In Rhodesia (16:15)
1.6 Sven-Erik Bäck In Principio (14:12)
1.7 Lars-Gunnar Bodin Traces I (6:55)
1.8 Rune Lindblad Attack III (5:32)
1.9 Tamás Ungvary* Basic Barrier (7:30)
2.1 Bengt Emil Johnson Vittringar (7:14)
2.2 Ákos Rózmann Orgelstycke 1980 (15:43)
2.3 Pär Lindgren Rummet (9:02)
2.4 Rolf Enström Dagbrott (7:51)
2.5 Åke Parmerud Repulse (10:02)
2.6 Anders Blomqvist Lag (12:49)
2.7 Tommy Zwedberg Bavarde (12:49)

Additional works by these composers can be found on and other places.



Over The Moon said...

Another winner. Thanks very much!

Milton Parker said...

this is an excellent compilation

I passed on buying it the one time I saw a copy -- it turns out I'd been looking for a copy of 'mr. smith in rhodesia' for 20 years since hearing it on the radio once at 4 in the morning. Crazy to hear it again now.

Anonymous said...


Potbelleez - Are You With Me (Josh James Remix)

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