Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tolerance - Anonym, 1980, Japan (Vanity) (NWW List)

Their only other LP, Divin, has already been posted in several places, including Mutant Sounds, so here's their first one only.

That leaves only their one sided 7" "Today's Thrill" (also Vanity Records) being the only unavailable recording from their discography, which seems to be just about as rare as this one.

Anyway, this is a great improv/minimal electornics/proto-techno album, and one of the best from the NWW List. Hear it for yourself:



Atlantis Audio Archive said...

hi - I noticed your wantlist with Vanity label titles. I just created a new site and the Vanity 'Music' DLP compilation has been been posted. Forthcoming are the cassettes and other LPs (next up will probably be BGM or RNA)

Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Tolerance album! The download contains only a 7-minute track for side 2 [in addition to the 20 minute or so track for side 1] - is there anything missing? Or is it meant to be like that?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to bring your attention to my question regarding side of Tolerance - Anonym. Is there anything missing or is it meant to just be that 7 minute track?

Anonymous said...

Sadly missing 2/3rds of SideB

Anonymous said...

can someone please post track 2, 3 and 4 from side B?

thanks. great gem.

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Anonymous said...

EPIC FAIL! who would post an incomplete album? go to WFMU blog for the Real Deal.

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