Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dieter Roth - Musik, 1973-1991 (NWW List)

Just as promised! This is a compilation of Dieter Roth compositions, including excerpts from all three Roth, Ruhm & Weiner LP's, and some live stuff, among other things. Provides further insight not only into Dieter Roth's musical activities, but also the trio he was involved in. Sorry, no cover.


General information and works can be found at:


lsettal said...

First of all, I have to explain my gratitude for your great work here.
By the way, have you got informations about this release? It seems the only one audio work disposable is the airplay "Das Dieter Roth oRrchester spielt kleine wolken, typische scheisse und nie gehörte musik" published last year by Strunz! Enterprises.

thunderperfectmind said...

No, unfortunately I have almost no information regarding this release :( the little I know about Dieter Roth involves his visual artworks and that can be easily found via google. However, I would love to know more about this release, or any of Oswald Weiner's/Gerhard Ruhm's...

Anonymous said...

unfortunately this link is dead.
but you post such a amount of very good music that this is just a neglectable problem.